Very few people are born with perfect teeth. Odds are, you’ll need braces or Invisalign® at some point, not to mention cavity fillings. If you don’t take good care of your teeth, you might also need root canals, dental crowns, and other restorative dental treatments down the road. Not only do these things affect the health of your teeth, but they also impact their appearance. Luckily, our dentists offer a customized solution to address all your dental needs: smile makeovers. Here are a few ways our smile makeovers can provide a much-needed boost to your confidence and self-esteem:

Improved Aesthetics

Our smile makeovers address multiple aspects of your smile, including the color, shape, and alignment of your teeth. If you are self-conscious about the way your teeth look, our dentists can combine a range of cosmetic dental treatments to create the perfect smile. Not happy with your tooth stains from drinking lots of coffee, wine, or tea? We’ll provide a professional teeth whitening treatment. Hate the space in your teeth? Our dentists can fill in the gaps with teeth bonding, inlays and onlays, or porcelain veneers. If you wish you had straighter teeth, we can also talk about including Invisalign (also known as “clear braces” or “invisible braces”) in your smile makeover. Just let us know what you’d like to change about your smile, and we’ll put our skills, experience, and resources to work for you. The end result is a beautiful smile you’ll be proud to show off!

Healthier Teeth & Gums

Healthy teeth are beautiful teeth. If you are looking to improve the appearance of your smile but also need to address cavities, gingivitis, tooth infections, or even tooth decay, we can offer solutions to improve your oral health and your self-esteem. Our dentists can offer white tooth fillings that blend in seamlessly with the surrounding teeth, as well as inlays, onlays, and ceramic dental crowns to protect your damaged teeth and make them look brand new. If you have missing teeth, we can also discuss dental implants and dental bridges, which are permanent, aesthetically pleasing tooth replacement options.

Smile Freely

When your teeth look good and are healthy, your self-esteem skyrockets. Many people are self-conscious about their teeth, which makes them hesitant to smile, laugh, or even speak in social situations. However, if you collaborate with your cosmetic dentist to create a beautiful smile that you are proud of, you’ll be able to smile freely and pose for photos without feeling down about the appearance of your teeth. This translates into a happier, healthier you, and you can’t put a price tag on that!

Book Your Smile Makeover In Downtown Ottawa

If you are self-conscious about your teeth, it’s time to take action and create a smile you really love. Contact our cosmetic dentists in Downtown Ottawa to book an appointment at Constitution Dental, or give us a call to answer any further questions you have about our smile makeovers. We look forward to helping you get your dream smile!