It’s normal to dread wisdom tooth removal — after all, it is a type of oral surgery. For many of us, wisdom tooth removal is the only time we’ll ever undergo dental sedation, and the thought of having our teeth pulled out while we’re asleep is enough to make our skin crawl. However, wisdom tooth extractions aren’t always the nightmare they’re made out to be. Really, it all comes down to how well you’ve prepared and how seriously you take your recovery.

At Constitution Dental, we have an oral surgeon on staff to perform wisdom tooth removals for our patients. If you are in high school or you’re in your twenties, be sure to schedule an appointment with our dentists to see if your wisdom teeth are coming in. Nervous about the procedure? Here’s how you can prepare for your wisdom tooth removal in Downtown Ottawa.

Schedule A Consultation

Before scheduling wisdom tooth extractions, our dentists meet with patients to explain the process and give them an idea of what to expect. During this consultation, be sure to bring any questions you may have, as well as a list of any health problems you’ve been experiencing and any drugs you take regularly. Also, feel free to voice any concerns you have about the procedure, such as the effects of anesthesia, the pain medication prescribed, or what to expect when you wake up. This is your opportunity to learn more about wisdom tooth removal and get clarifications to help ease your nerves before you show up for your actual appointment.

Plan Your Recovery Time

The typical wisdom tooth recovery time is four days to a week. During your recovery, you’ll need to limit activity and take time off school or work to rest. For high schoolers and college students, our dentists recommend scheduling your wisdom tooth extraction during the summer, when stress levels are low and you have friends and family to take care of you. If you have a full-time job, you’ll need to request several days off to recover and get off the pain medication before you return to work.

Follow Instructions

On the day of your wisdom tooth extraction, it is important to follow the instructions provided by your oral surgeon. Common side effects of general anesthesia, such as IV sedation and nitrous oxide, are nausea and vomiting, which can cause wisdom tooth dry sockets or a wisdom tooth infection. Because of this, patients are prohibited from eating or drinking anything for eight hours leading up to their appointment. You’ll also need to arrange for a ride to and from the dental clinic on the day of your surgery, as you’ll be too impaired to drive when you come out of the anesthesia.

Schedule Your Wisdom Tooth Removal In Downtown Ottawa

There are many reasons to have your wisdom teeth removed, which we will discuss in a future blog post. If you are in high school, college, or you suspect that your wisdom teeth are coming in, contact our team at Constitution Dental in Downtown Ottawa to book a wisdom tooth consultation. We’d be happy to explain the procedure, answer your questions, and give you an idea of how much wisdom tooth removals cost.