Dentures Ottawa – Partial & Full Dentures

Regaining the Full Complement of Teeth

Partial and Complete dentures are excellent treatment options for people that are missing some or all of their teeth. Each of the treatment options offers fixed and removable alternatives, each with their respective benefits and limitations.

Fixed Partial Dentures Ottawa: Fixed partial dentures are synonymous with dental bridges Ottawa. They are a set of adjacent prosthetic teeth that are either affixed to the adjacent teeth or held in place by two or more dental implants. When compared to their removable counterparts, fixed partial dentures restore significantly more functionality of the normal bite.

Removable Partial Dentures Ottawa: Removable partial dentures are once again a set of adjacent prosthetic teeth that are affixed to the adjacent natural teeth. The difference between the fixed and removable options is that the removable partial denture is held in place with a series of clasps. The prosthetic teeth can be removed without professional assistance.

Fixed Complete Dentures Ottawa: When edentulous (missing all of your teeth) on one or both arches, a complete denture becomes one of the most common solutions. The only question becomes whether or not that denture will be fixed or removable. The fixed alternative is attached to several dental implants that hold the implant securely in place. The two main benefits include improved functionality (bite) and minimized bone resorbtion as a result of the dental implants being firmly placed into the jawbone. Please ask our team if you are interested in learning more about your options when it comes to fixed complete dentures.

Removable Complete Dentures Ottawa: When (missing all of your teeth) on one or both arches, a removable complete denture can be used to regain some of the normal functionality of natural teeth. We work very closely with our selected dental labs to ensure that the design of the dentures Ottawa is comfortable and functional.