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The speed with which dentistry evolves through technology it adapts is truly remarkable. For our patients, some advances in the technology that we adopt are certainly more visible than others, be it digital imaging and x-rays or the integration of biolase lasers into daily treatment. There is a whole other spectrum of technology that is routinely implemented but is much less visible to our patients. The increased quality and the ease of use of our supplies, laboratory work and materials make for a much more pleasant patient experience and yield superior end results. We carefully monitor the progress within the dental industry and then integrate those elements that we feel benefit our patients.

Best Practices

Like the technology, dental techniques available to Downtown Ottawa dentists continuously evolve. Our team is actively involved in the dental community and in the continuing education programs that are available to ensure that our patients can benefit from the best practices that are currently out there.

Personal Care

We feel that the dental care that we provide is, and should be, our primary focus. We strive to make sure that we deliver the patient experience that we ourselves would like to receive. To us, that means that your busy schedules are respected, you are treated as individuals with names – not just patients with ID numbers, that you are made to feel welcome and comfortable in your surroundings.