Ottawa Smile Makeovers – Complete Mouth Restoration & Reconstruction

The Full Package

The idea of a smile make-over has come about fairly recently. In essence, it is not a specific discipline within the dental field, but rather a skill set that allows the dentist to leverage experience, training and vision to incorporate a number of different procedures to dramatically restore and improve a smile. Some of the common procedures that may come into play include: Invisalign® orthodontic intervention, inlays and onlays to repair decayed or fractured teeth, dental crowns to protect significantly damaged teeth or replace missing teeth, dental bridges to replace missing teeth, endodontics (root canals) to save a tooth from extraction, porcelain veneers to protect slightly chipped teeth or enhance their shape and colour and whitening to create a truly radiant looking smile.

Although many of the procedures like dental bridges & teeth whitening used to bring about a smile makeover are common in the dental world, the vision to plan out and execute a smile makeover successfully is something that develops over years of rigorous continuing education and experience. Dr. Price has worked hard to master the technical skills required while developing the artistic vision needed to properly plan a smile makeover.