Downtown Ottawa Dentistry & Dental Clinic

Efficient Dental Service

We have built our practice by understanding the unique needs of the people that live and work within the Ottawa Downtown core. We have readily adapted our ways to meet your needs. Early morning appointments, last-minute notices of availability, speedy check-ins and check-outs, email appointment reminders…all offered to make your visits as efficient as possible.

Personal Dental Service
That being said, just because our patients appreciate efficiency does not mean that we would compromise on the personalized care that we offer. Our team loves getting to know their patients – it allows them to offer certain continuity and consistent quality of care & dental services, but it also makes the time spent together all the more pleasant.

Downtown Ottawa Convenience

Convenient & Vibrant

Depending upon your past experiences with downtown living, you may not always associate the word convenience with downtown Ottawa Comprehensive dental services. Instead, you may envision things like traffic and poor parking availability. However, once you are fully immersed in downtown living, you come to appreciate the vibrancy of the downtown core and the convenience that comes with having everything in close proximity.

We have taken these two principles of downtown living and integrated them into everything that we do. Just because we are in the health service industry does not mean that we can’t offer a stimulating environment and an engaging experience.

Walk over from your office or home and enjoy a relaxing break while participating in “car-less” downtown living. Take advantage of the easy access to the OC Transpo Transitway that fronts Constitution Square and combine your trip in and out of work with your dental appointment. Extend your visit and enjoy lunch in one of the fine restaurants nearby or do some shopping – all within walking distance of our practice. Make the most of the convenience afforded by visiting your Ottawa downtown dentist in Constitution Square.

In a Rush?

Who better to understand the demands placed on your time and schedule when working downtown than a practice that is located in the heart of downtown? Although some of our patients welcome the opportunity to break up their day with their dental visit with our Downtown Ottawa Dentist, most of our clients need to keep their appointment times as short as possible. We understand!

In order to help our patients get in and out as quickly as possible at Downtown Ottawa dental clinic, we encourage them to get all of the paperwork filled out online before coming in. We have streamlined the check-in and check-out processes to keep them as efficient as possible and we abide by our schedules as much as humanly possible. However, we will never compromise patient care by rushing through or cutting your appointments short. After 15 years of working with busy schedules, we have become pretty good at gauging time requirements.